Ceramic pool Briliant

Ceramic pool Briliant is a very popular and available ceramic pool with an exceptional design and absolute usefulness.


The elegant ceramic Compass pool Briliant is an economical version among our pools.

Briliant represents a combination of minimalistic design and absolute usefulness; therefore, it is suitable for a wide scale of customers.

Ceramic Pool Briliant

What are the advantages of this pool?

  • steps have anti-slip surface, the pool provides as much space for swimming as possible
  •  perimeter step ledge ensures safe entry and leaving
  •  the sitting and relaxation zone is also intended for installation of massage nozzles
  •  integrated hydrostatic valve
  •  anti-slip finish of the pool stairs and bottom

Additional advantages:

A modified version of BRILIANT ceramic pool provides:

  • place to install Rollo Cover
  •  perimeter handle for safe function of slatted cover
Ceramic Pool Briliant 3D

Ceramic Pool Briliant 3D









Briliant 66

6,60 m

3,65 m

1,40 m

27 m3

850 kg

Briliant 74

7,60 m

3,65 m

1,40 m

32 m3

920 kg

XL – Briliant 88

8,67 m

3,71 m

1,50 m

45 m3

1100 kg

XXL-Briliant 160

16,00 m

3,71 m

1,50 m

42 m3

2200 kg