Ceramic pool FUN

Ceramic pool FUN is among the most favourite and best-seller pools.

The pool has two comfortable staircases and a unique shape allowing installing it at any place, without any limitations. You will enjoy the pool with your family, friends or after hard work. It is the best-seller pool  in our offer.

Ceramic pool FUN

What advantage does this ceramic pool have?

  • it contains a safety ledge as well as a protective handle along the circumference
  • FUN 83 and FUN 100 types can also be equipped with a slatted cover
  • a handle along the circumference, which strengthens safety
  • an integrated hydrostatic valve anti-slip finish of the pool stairs and bottom
Ceramic pool FUN 3D

Ceramic pool FUN 3D








Fun 74

7,45 m

3,70 m

1,50 m

33 m3

1000 kg

Fun 80

8,00 m

3,75 m

1,50 m

36 m3

Fun 83

8,30 m

3,80 m

1,50 m

37 m3

1100 kg

Fun 100

10,00 m

4,00 m

1,50 m

45 m3

1250 kg