Ceramic pool Yacht

Ceramic pool Yacht represents a combination of a pool and a luxurious ship both for classic bathing and relaxation in a luxurious whirlpool. It is a European novelty. Both parts are separated by independent technologies.

What is unique about it?

– imitation of boat levers and controls provides the impression of sailing

– counter-flow and massage jets reinforce the sailing impression even more (counter-flow and massage jets are not included in the standard pool´s equipment)

– after the nightfall, it is illuminated by LEDs enhancing the pool´s extraordinary atmosphere

– integrated hydrostatic valve included, it has anti-slip finish

What is the equipment included?

  • luxurious two person massage bathtub
  • genuine yacht flexi-teak floor
  • stainless steel handle
  • LED lights

What optional accessories can be chosen?

  • smart self-cleaning system
  • slatted cover
  • swim jets
  • massage jets
Ceramic pool Yacht

Ceramic pool Yacht







Yacht pool

11,50 m

4,00 m

1,50 m

42 m3