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Carbon Pools from Delfino ltd. have the highest quality on the market. Nowadays, modern pools offer compatibility with all modern technologies not only as regards the equipment for self-cleaning maintenance-free pools; last but not least they provide full compatibility with smart building management for both private and public purposes.

carbon pools Delfino

Carbon pools

Interconnection of individual smart building topics with the topic of pools, lighting, air humidity and temperature, pool temperature management or temperature management of the whole wellness system is the hot topic at world technological forums. The biggest world players on the market of smart control systems undoubtedly include KNX Systems or the most successful exclusive company in the USA producing CRESTON systems.

For both system solutions, the pool topic is very important. For this topic, DELFINO provides its clients with a unique concept of pool disinfection control on the principle of three-part disinfection based on alkacits. This method of pool disinfection is taken over from Swiss industrial technologies for drinking water production.

Carbon Pools Delfino systems

Carbon Pools Delfino systems

Integration of automated washing process SWISS BEZGO with electronic control combined with automated control of 100% water level checked by the system SWISS Smart Water Level Control is an important technological element. This automated control system includes dozens of functions fully compatible with KNX and CRESTON interfaces.

In this automated control system, DELFINO offers complete LED control, through illuminated waterproof touch buttons starting of all pool attractions including the swim jets, control of pool cover opening, LED touch switching of lighting and many other interesting functions.

DELFINO is going to bring another revolutionary system solution, the system of weak-current low-energy heating for all carbon pools Compass Ceramic Pools and other brands.

DELFINO is developing a heating system for carbon ceramic pools, which heats the pool’s ceramic core through the carbon layers of the pool shell, thanks to which the carbon ceramic shells become a monolithic heating element.

This system is similar to floor heating when buildings are heated through the floor to any temperature with minimum energy costs.

Original technological solutions of DELFINO provide their clients with the most amazing technological concepts for modern self-cleaning maintenance-free pools at global level.