Self-cleaning system Vantage from the company Paramount USA

Self-cleaning system Vantage is designed for carbon ceramic and stainless-steel pools. Self-cleaning pools with integrated vacuuming and mixing in controlled horizontal and vertical directions are a verified standard on the biggest markets in the world. Automated self-cleaning systems were born and developed on the biggest market in the world – North America, USA. Paramount International is one of the most successful companies in the developed pool industry.

Modern pools of current generation provide perfectly tuned processes on the mechanical and micro bacteriological basis.

Self-cleaning system Vantage

Self-cleaning system Vantage

Important water cleanliness indicators do not include only transparency. The micro bacteriological composition of water is also important. You do not have to be frightened by the term microorganisms fearing whether you will again have to solve problems with yeast, inflammatory, chlamydia or other diseases with your doctor.

Yes, we are legitimately afraid of awkward infective diseases, which we considered to be the domain of physical contact. For infective diseases, the physical contact can be incredibly effectively replaced by completely innocent bathing in the pool with infected people regardless of age.

Opening the topics of coccobacilli bacterial stomach infections is not an optimistic topic for the so-called traditional pool constructors, mainly from older generation with ancient experience in pool construction with two return jets and the cheapest filtration in the universe.

ceramic pool with Vantage system

ceramic pool with Vantage system

We have to frankly admit that we cannot speak about quality of hygienic processes in pools unless the circulation system consists of profoundly allocated return recirculation jets with automated water whirling in horizontal and vertical directions so that the whole volume of the pool gets in controlled movement of 100-percent filtrated disinfected water enriches with oxygen.

Only properly micro bacteriologically treated water with automated distribution to the whole pool shell is able to provide mechanical and bacteriological cleanliness.

The main precondition for maintaining the quality of drinking water standard is that water must not be subject to yeasty processes. That means the need of continuous water movement in the whole volume.  Pools with such design are called self-cleaning pools with automated processing. A common aquarium represents a simple example.

ceramic pool with Vantage system

You can do anything unless you achieve balanced processes in your aquarium. You can wash the aquarium and exchange water on a weekly basis but you will not win the battle with the microbiology of your dream aquarium.

The problem is identical for pools. The only difference is in the volume of your problem occurring in the pool without balanced processing. The problem is multiplied by 400, i.e. without balanced processing a 100-litre aquarium will cause the same problem as your pool containing 40,000 litres.

In order to prevent bas experience in maintaining your pool’s hygiene, a personal consultation is necessary that will be focused on the problem of building a standard for self-cleaning maintenance-free pools.

Self-cleaning pools can be constructed as carbon ceramic pools Compass Ceramic Pools, self-cleaning pools from sprayed waterproof concrete or as self-cleaning pools made of premium steel, i.e. stainless steel pools Berndorf.

In the chapter of automated pool control systems we will discuss the smart control systems for modern pools.

Our effort at our websites is to explain the issues of balanced hygiene combined with mechanical maintenance of the pool.

ceramic pool with Vantage system