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The contemporary modern architecture works with the pool phenomenon considering it an automatic and integral part of architecture.

Nowadays, places for swimming are increasingly popular not only thanks to the wide design variety; they become completely independent of maintenance necessary both during operation and when you are not at home.

In the past, low-cost solutions used to be traditionally attractive for the public. Thanks to it, personal experience in using a place to swim have spread very quickly. Looking from above, we would be surprised how many private houses do have their own places to swim.

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For these new trends in modern architecture, verified peak solutions have existed for a long time; they can provide the standard of drinking water quality.

Self-cleaning systems Delfino

Delfino cleaning systems are technological solutions for all swimming places requiring implementation of automated self-cleaning and hygienic systems with minimum demands for maintenance performed by the user.

Thanks to Delfino know-how, your pool also can become water paradise with hygienically unobjectionable water for newborns.

For laymen it is very beneficial to obtain own experience with a simple aquarium with a capacity of about 100 litres with a minimum number of fish and plants.

The first thing to be solved very intensively in the aquarium is the filtration system.

Everything to be solved in your aquarium as combat tasks with the nature will also have to be solved in your new pool, unless Delfino Cleaning Systems do it.

The first problem, which you will be familiarised with by your new aquarium, is the speed of algae reproduction. Several days after you have cleaned up your beautiful aquarium, microorganisms will cover  the whole surfaces of the glass walls.

In a place where you are swimming, the processes are the same. There is only one essential difference – the volume is 400 times bigger.

For all pools with the know-how Delfino Cleaning Systems we provide warranty for integrated vacuuming so that if you need manual vacuuming, our company will vacuum it gratis for ten years and we will return money for your implemented self-vacuuming and mixing system Vantage to you.

Delfino guarantees the integrated self-vacuuming technologies for at least ten years.

Feel free to contact us whenever you request more detailed information how to build pools with the nature-based processing with 100% self-cleaning methods.