Stainless pools from Berndorf premium steel are the most exlusive on the market

Stainless pools are the most exclusive branded pools in the world. Berndorf technology uses solely surgical steel or steel of the highest quality in the world. These self-cleaning stainless steel pools have exceeded any pool concepts on the world market.

Stainless pools

Stainless pools

Architectural works with atypical shapes or dimensions represent the main market segment. Berndorf self-cleaning stainless steel pool implement original technological solutions of water disinfection up to the level of drinking water.

Thus, if you decide for a pool with the highest quality of water 24 hours a day/365 days a year regardless of whether the pool is used by the entire family or by dozens or hundreds visitors at the same time, you have the only option – Berndorf overflow self-cleaning pools with technological solutions of smart pools for KNX and Creston interfaces.

Specialists in the area of smart buildings will surely confirm the exclusive quality level of KNX and Creston systems for modern self-cleaning pools controlled by smart disinfection technologies of producers of Swiss industrial technologies for drinking water production.

Such technological packages used by our company include the concept of three-part water disinfection on the principle of alkacits with electronic washing process of filtration SWISS Bezgo supported by automatic 100% water level control SWISS SMART WATER LEVEL Control. The system operates on the principle of industrial large-capacity production of drinking water. In this way, the carbon ceramic pools Compass Ceramic Pools as well as stainless steel pools Berndorf become water bodies with 100% drinking water.

Stainless pool

Stainless pool

With their aestheitic level as well as technological solution, Berndorf self-cleaning stainless steel pools as well as carbon ceramic pools Compass Ceramic Pools exceed any other pool solutions.

Exceptionally attractive modern pools in contemporary architecture include INFINITY pools with overflow edge.

It is an overflow edge without pool end identified. The overflow trough with an inclined plane is constructed so that it is invisible and water flows on the side of the overflow trough so that it is not heard very much.

Silencers in the suction inlets from the overflow troughs to filtration systems and catch basin are also important.

The main reason of this solution of overflow troughs for Berndorf self-cleaning stainless steel pools as well as carbon ceramic pools Compass Ceramic Pools is the creation of an overflow pool with minimum acoustic effects of overflowing water on the pool perimeter or in its individual parts.

Both Berndorf stainless steel pools as well as carbon ceramic pools Compass Ceramic Pools are offered as a standard version with multi-skimmer technology, where pool water is sucked through at least four suction holes. At least two suction holes lead through skimmers, at least one suction hole in the pool wall and one suction input is at the bottom of the pool.

Stainless pools

Stainless pools

This system represents an ideal solution substituting the overflow technologies. The main reason, which this concept has been developed, is the need of a construction for maintenance-free self-cleaning pools with minimum noise. These so-called ultra silent pools represent ideal solutions for private houses, small boarding houses or simply for the sites, where nobody would tolerate any noise or disturbance during night silent hours.

A personal consultation with our expert for pool systems is an ideal way how to design your dream pool. Modern pools of top architects cannot do without a professional consultation. Technological solutions for both Berndorf stainless steel pools as well as carbon ceramic pools Compass Ceramic Pools must meet all the criteria of European hygienic as well as technical standards for public and private sectors.