Ceramic pool BABY POOL

Ceramic pool BABY POOL is an ideal place for relaxation. The elegant and supertemporal design is intended for children, swimmers as well as non-swimmers. It is created based on XL-Trainer 110 and it has maximum quality. Its maximum depth is 88 centimetres, which creates an excellent space for playing for children. It is ideal for small areas providing safety to non-swimmers.

Ceramic pool BABY POOL

What are the advantages

modern geometric shape, sloping bottom with a maximum depth of 88 cm

  • perimeter handle with Rollo Cover slatted cover
  • integrated hydrostatic valve
  • anti-slid finish of the pool, valve, and steps

Ceramic pool BABY POOL 3D







Baby pool

6,52 m

2,40 m

0,88 m

12 m3