Self-cleaning pool from Compass Ceramic Pools

Self-cleaning pool means the usage of the newest technologies on the market. Company Compass answers the questions of contemporary architects in its portfolio, identically as Berndorf in the area for self-cleaning stainless steel pools from premium steel.

self-cleaning pool Compass

self-cleaning pool Compass

The main function of these concepts is to implement technologies for integrated automated vacuuming, mixing and distribution of clean disinfected oxygenated water to the whole pool volume so that temperature layers of water or dead spots in the shell are not created. Such dead spots represent a natural hotbed of yeast bacteria, inflammatory bacteria and microorganisms which pollute water and are very dangerous for the human organism.

Problems with the digestive system, inflammatory diseases, genital infections, shingles, you will obtain all of it and much more with the purchase of an amazingly cheap pool from non-professional charlatans.

The information is to help realise that you do not want a pool at all. Who would knowingly risk health of the children or home-folks who enter your amazingly cheap pool?

Here, we have to strictly discuss the aspects of operation of a hygienically unobjectionable pool.

Warm water with a temperature exceeding 20°C, speak nothing of water exceeding 31°C, is ideal for various bacteria or microorganisms with a serious risk for the human organism.

self-cleaning system Vantage

Just consider, for example, how many cubic metres of water fall on one visitor of a public whirlpool considering that standard whirlpools including the pumping tank have about 5 cubic metres of water in their system.

Imagine that at least 20 people per day will sit in a five-place whirlpool in a well-functioning wellness facility. Nice to imagine?

Thus, two buckets of water fall on one person. The result is that all the infections, inflammatory diseases, and venereal diseases can be spread among all the visitors without age difference as a visit in such whirlpool equals to group unprotected sexual intercourse.

Now the question: why do we write about it, if we want to sell a whirlpool or pool to you?

Yes, we write about the facts exactly because you need to realise how important efficient and effective self-cleaning pools with integrated self-vacuuming technologies mixing water on physical principles in the whole pool volume really are.

Nowadays, almost every pool constructor offers high-quality disinfection solutions as a standard. Thus, this problem could be considered resolved.

Despite that, however, we cannot speak about a quality at the level of a hygienically unobjectionable pool and certainly not about a pool with the standard at the level of drinking water.

To be able to set a standard of the highest hygiene level of stainless steel or carbon ceramic pools suitable for newborns or even the level of drinking water standard, we have to say something about the processes in the self-cleaning maintenance-free pools.

self-cleaning system Vantage

To be able to call common ones the self-cleaning maintenance-free pools, we have to  implement at least the technological systems of Paramount USA.

It is a system of integrated mixing of clean disinfected water in the whole pool volume in an automated way in combination with automated integrated vacuuming.

The principle uses physical advantages to continuously pump best-quality water in the pool while you are using the pool and in your absence. The time when you are not at home becomes critical unless there is somebody to take care of your pool.

This does not apply to maintenance-free self-cleaning carbon ceramic pools Compass or stainless steel pools Berndorf with integrated Vantage technology of the company Paramount USA in combination with a high-quality micro bacteriological disinfection.