Ceramic technology It is an innovative, original, patent-protected technology of Compass.

What are the advantages of ceramic technology?Carbon ceramic technology

  •  stylish 3D pore-free surface
  •  20-year warranty for osmosis
  •  The ceramic core has an improved strength without any flexibility loss
  •  simple installation in few days
  •  no concrete foundation is necessary
  • high quality of pools
  •  Closed Beam Technology
  •  Carbon Infused Layer

Additional pluses of the technology:


The surface of Compass pools, the step ledge and ceramic pool bottom are anti-slid


Slim balsa rib

Slim Balsa rib is patented reinforcement in the pool structure. It improves the strength of the overall structure of the ceramic pool. It is an optimum technology for pool roofing.


IntegrailSelected models of Compass ceramic pools have a perimeter handle. Thus, they provide your family with safety.

integrated hydrostatic valve

The integrated hydrostatic valve provide water overpressure protection.