Discount pool from Delfino ltd.

These days we offer matchless discount pool in stock. You have never had an opportunity to obtain carbon ceramic pools so cheaply.

The following options are offered until the stock is sold out.

As a hot novelty we offer the purchase of a SELF-CLEANING BIO pool with 100% natural processes with external chemistry and up to 70% of operating costs savings. A unique solution of disinfection by glass crystal and zeolite in purely natural processes.

Currently, we can please you, for example, by a 40% discount on pool shell and the self-cleaning Vantage system GRATIS.

Through zero-interest monthly instalments.

Please, note the discounted carbon ceramic pool shells with Vantage PLUS technological package.

More information to be provided at our personal meeting.

Discount pool

Discount pool

The offer is bound to the goods in stock:

Java101 discounted from €24,720 to €9,000

 Trend discounted from 19320e to 7700e

Aqua discounted from 17880e to 5200e

FUN74 from 18840e to 6150e

Briliant74 from 20280e to 6300e

 Briliant66 from 18600e to 5500e

XL-Briliant88 from 23880e to 7600e

FUN83 from 22200e to 6600e

FUN100 from 24600e to 8100e

X-Trainer58 from 14760 to 5100e

X-Trainer72 from 20200e to 7100e

 XL-Trainer90 from 2400 to 8600e

 XL-Trainer110 from 25440e to 9600e

 XXL-Trainer133 from 33720e to 12500e

Riverina74 from 20520e to 6600e