Ceramic pool Java

Ceramic pool Java means classic bathing style with Roman steps and large space. It is a ceramic pool with flat bottom.

The pool is perfectly fit both for houses in the country and in towns. Its parameters can be variously modified.

Ceramic pool Java

Ceramic pool Java

What are the advantages?

  • safe perimeter grip and simple leaving of the pool at any point
  • relaxation on both sides
  • anti-slip finish of pool steps and bottom
  • integrated hydrostatic valve

What are the advantages of ceramic pool XL-JAVA?

This JAVA pool version also contains:

  • handle for safe installation of slatted cover
  • sloping bottom
  • space for installation of Rollo cover or massage jets

Ceramic pool Java 3D








Java 85

8,50 m

3,81 m

1,51 m

42 m3

1100 kg

Java 101

10,10 m

3,82 m

1,51 m

49 m3

1200 kg

XL – Java 114

11,40 m

4,00 m

1,10 – 1,69 m

52 m3

900 kg

XXL-Java 180

18,00 m

3,82 m

1,51 m

83 m3

2300 kg